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Thank You, John

We have decided to look into the Gospel of John for our online bible study Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom. We have several homes joining us, but always have room for more. Please let me know if you would like to join in so we can add you to our invite list each week. Not only does it give us a time to reflect on scripture but also time to socialize and pray for one another.

The Book of John is so interesting with wonderful truths to share about who Jesus is and what he came to do. It is a brilliant book, masterfully written, yet has a straightforward and simple storyline that, by inspiration, speaks to all. Again come join us if you can.

The first chapter introduces the book (The Prologue) and then goes on to talk about Jesus' interaction with John the Baptist and His disciples. As I was studying, one commentator pointed out the use of sevens in the first chapter. He points out that there are seven names which prove Jesus is the Son of God and seven works that truly verify those titles or names.

1. He is the Word (v.1-3, 14)

2. He is the Light (v.4-13)

3. He is the Son of God (v.15-18, 30-34, 49)

4. He is the Christ – the Messiah – the Anointed One (v.19-28, 35-42)

5. He is the Lamb of God (v.29, 35-36)

6. He is the King of Israel (v.43-49)

7. He is the Son of Man – Messianic term (v.50-51)

1. He created the world. (v.1-4)

2. He gives people salvation. (v.9-13)

3. He reveals God. (v.15-18)

4. He baptizes with the Spirit. (v.33)

5. He has intimate knowledge of men. (v.42, 47-48)

6. He forgives sin. (v.29)

7. He is the way to heaven. (v.50-51)

It is marvellous how John uses the number seven, the number of Divinity, the number of completion, so masterfully in this chapter and throughout his book. This writer also points out how John uses seven witnesses in this chapter to testify who Jesus is. A major theme in John’s Gospel is witness. This was very important to the Hebrew culture.

1. John the Baptist (v.7, 15, 29, & 5:35)

2. John the Apostle (v.1:14)

3. The Old Testament prophets (v.45)

4. The Holy Spirit (v.33-34)

5. Andrew (v.41)

6. Philip (v.45)

7. Nathanael (v.49)

It is also interesting how John depicts, in this chapter, how people came to believe in different ways. Just like today, God uses a variety of different people in a variety of settings - to call people to Himself through faith in His Son.

1. John and Andrew came to faith through the witness of John the Baptist.

2. Peter found Christ because of Andrew’s testimony.

3. Philip was called by Christ personally.

4. Nathanael found Christ through the Scriptures and the testimony of Philip.

Interesting stuff, encouraging stuff, practical stuff. Just as the sun has been shining, illuminating our week, as we journey each day, God’s word shines to illuminate our hearts as we follow its wisdom and live by its grace. The Bible is our guide to effective and Christ centered living. So, if you have the time read over John chapter one, it is fascinating stuff.

May God richly bless you on your journey

– Pastor Ralph

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