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Our Times are in Thy Hands

Time has gone by quickly in this pandemic. At least for me, it has been a busy time researching, writing, preaching and being on the phone. I have enjoyed the opportunities God has given us to minister through our website and I believe God is using it to encourage and touch the lives of His people. That is my own personal experience and I know it could be a totally different story for someone else. Certainly, this time in history has been like nothing we have ever experienced. It has been a time of radical rethinking, massive adjustments and ,I believe from a Christian perspective, new opportunities for ministry in Christ’s name. In my opinion, it will go down as the largest paradigm shift in modern history.

I found this interesting as I read about time the other day. The writers states, “… time, as we know it, is a very recent phenomenon. Through the persistence of Charles Dodd, a schoolteacher, and William Allen, a railroad engineer, time was finally standardized in the United States on November 10, 1883. It was only after American railroads accepted Dodd and Allen's idea of four time zones across the United States that trains could schedule their arrivals and departures with any degree of consistency. Before that, every community decided what time it was on their own. It took another year for a meeting of 26 nations to determine the 24-hour worldwide time zones that we use today.

Nor have we always had seven days in our week. Back in 1792 the French tried a ten-day week with ten hours in a day, 100 minutes in an hour and 100 seconds in a minute. But it didn't work. Undaunted, the Russians tried a five-day week in 1929 and even named the days of the week after colours. But nobody paid any attention, so the Russians switched to a six-day week in 1932. Finally they abandoned the whole idea and returned to the standard seven-day week.” Fascinating stuff. In my little seven day week, the hardest adjustments for me has been Sunday and keeping track of what month I am in (LOL). I think the recent weather has not helped. I just can’t believe we are celebrating the Victoria Day weekend. WOW! Soon we will be in June.

I think there is one things that stands out for me when reflecting on time and this period of history. It comes from Solomon’s words, “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV) Solomon reminds us that God stands sovereign over time. It is not His Perfect Will but in His Permissive Will God still presides. History is “His [God's] Story” and it always will be. He is, ultimately, the one in control and this “season” (longer period of duration) will end at His appointed “time” (a specific time). As the Psalmist reminds us, “My times are in thy hands…” (Psalm 31:15 KJV) As the old hymn goes,

“Our times are in Thy hand,

Father, we wish them there;

our life, our soul, our all,

we leave entirely to Thy care.”

As our week comes to a close, may we think again about how He has seen us through these past days. For many, there are some real concerns and I want to acknowledge that. But, in the midst of those challenges, we have to trust His character and His promises. He is in control, and Romans 8:28 is being worked out “in His time.”

If there has ever been a time to trust Him, it is now! Remember who is Lord of time and in whose hands time rests. Take time to thank Him. Take time to pray and take time to trust Him. You are under His sovereign care!

Have a great weekend and see you Sunday - In His love Pastor Ralph

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