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Open the Box

“A rich man was in the habit of giving his wife an expensive piece of jewelry every year on her birthday. One year he might phone the jeweler and say, “Send me your finest pearl necklace, along with your bill.” Or, “Send me your finest diamond pendant, along with your bill.” Or the finest emerald bracelet or ruby ring. Each time, the jeweler did as the rich man asked, dispatching a messenger to the rich man’s mansion to deliver the jewelry piece in a box along with his bill.

But every year the rich man would play a game with the jeweler. He would send the messenger back to the jeweler along with the original box, a note, and a check. The check was always written in the amount of several thousand dollars less than the price on the jeweler’s bill. The note would say, “Sir, I like the jewelry piece, but I do not like the price. If you will accept the enclosed check for a reduced amount, then please return the jewelry box with the seal unbroken.”

For years, the jeweler put up with the rich man’s game, accepting the reduced check, and returning the box with the seal unbroken. He still made a profit on the jewelry, even if it was a lower profit than he liked—and at least he was able to keep the rich man’s trade year after year. In time, however, the jeweler began to tire of this charade.

Finally, the day came when the rich man placed an order for a lavish diamond necklace, and the jeweler decided he would not get clipped again. As usual, the jeweler sent the necklace in a box, along with his bill. Again, as usual, the box was returned with a reduced check for payment and a note.

Enough was enough! The jeweler refused the check, kept the box, and sent the messenger away in disgust. When he opened the box to reclaim the necklace, he found that the necklace had been removed. In its place was a check for the entire amount of the jeweler’s bill.

For years, the rich man had been sending the entire asking price of each jewelry piece—hidden inside the sealed jewelry box. In all that time, the jeweler had accepted thousands of dollars less than he could have received—because he didn’t open the box and look inside.”

It has been my prayer that over the last year and a half, as we have designed and posted our “Reflections”, that they have helped us open our hearts and our minds to the riches we have in Jesus Christ – they have helped “open the box!” Thank you to all who have encouraged Allie and myself as we have worked, as a team, to post them daily and weekly. It has been a labour of love.

Over the summer, we will once again continue to post our “Reflections” weekly, every Wednesday, but they will be comprised of some of the favourites over the past year and a half. By doing this, it will give us both a needed break and present, again, God’s truth. It will be kind of exciting to revisit some of the laughter, tears and encouragement of the past days. So please, climb on board for some summer refreshment and share the Good News with your friends.

I look forward to any feedback and again, I am only a phone call away. God bless and let’s sit back and enjoy; let’s continue to “open the box together!!


Pastor Ralph

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