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Mud Bowl

One night, I was laying in bed, doing what I normally do – thinking.  I am one of those folks whose mind seems to be on permanent overdrive.  My thoughts went back to a football game I played long ago for the Central Ontario Championship.  We travelled to Peterborough to play a large, new high school.  It was a beautiful facility but its football field left a lot to be desired.  On top of that, it was raining cats and dogs – just a miserable day.  Needless to say it was a “Mud Bowl.”

We had controlled the play all day but it was tough sledding because of the weather and field conditions.  We advanced to their end of the field many times but just couldn’t seem to punch it in for 6.  We had lots of opportunities to kick the ball but I think, because of the way we had been dominating, chose to go for a touchdown.  We were down to the wire when the other team finally got the ball, pulled off a couple of big plays and were in position to punt and they did.  Guess what?   They got a rouge or single point.  Game over – they won 1 to 0.  We had lots of opportunities but didn’t take them .  It would have been a low scoring game but we could have won.  We didn’t make good on the opportunities we had!

The Psalmist reminds us, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  Psalm 91:10 (NIV)  The Bible tells us that each day presents us with new opportunities.  In this challenging time, we have the opportunity to reflect on how God would have us use our time.  Maybe we could read a good book or take up a new hobby or spend more time in certain areas we have been meaning to expand spiritually.  I think the secret is to prayerfully recognize the opportunities God is placing before us and reassess our time to try them on for size.  We need to look at what we can do during this time, not what we can’t.  As someone has wisely said, “God’s best gifts are not things but opportunities.”  

By the way, if you are ever in a “Mud Bowl”, remember to punt!  God bless you. Talk with you Sunday – Pastor Ralph.

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1 Comment

Mar 27, 2020

You know Pastor Ralph, I’ve been thinking too (in between helping others with groceries and cleaning) and I thought, wouldn’t these daily encouragements you are writing make a great BOOK! I can see it know ... I will even help sell them and fundraise for our church when this is all over! Now to think of a catchy name for the book ... let me keep thinking on that one!!!

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