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Monday's Thoughts


Hope your day has gone well.  It has been an interesting day filled with lots of information.  Again I am reminded of how we need to pray for our Political Leaders, our Health Care Officials and our front line Medical workers – they are doing a tremendous job in a very trying and stressful situation.  This is an interesting time for us as a congregation – we cannot meet yet I am so excited about the ministry that will take place while we are closed.  I know people will rally around to encourage one another through emails and phone calls.  We have a top notch team and we will pull through.  I want to thank all who helped, last week, through the challenging time of change.  It truly was a week of transition and people really stepped up.   I want to encourage you this day “that the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  (Nehemiah 8:10) This is not some great mystical thing but a decision by the child of God to walk in faith – to trust God and His word and lovingly follow Him.  Joy comes through trust and obedience. Remember that in the challenges of life you never – never walk alone.  We have a Good Shepherd who walks and sometimes carries us along the way.  Be patient – be cool (an old term from my generation LOL).  May God’s peace and love touch you this night – may His grace go before you tomorrow.  Till then – keep safe and keep yourself in the love of Jesus – Pastor Ralph

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