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For Times Like These

It has been a challenging day around the Lepore household.  Maybe you have sat down at your computer, or turned on your phone, and are tuned into this devotion.  Maybe, like us you, need a little lift.

I wrote this poem several years ago for many of my flock who were struggling with difficult problems and illness.  I have never written a poem before or since.  I do not consider myself to be a poet of any kind.  But God stirred my heart to reach out and I believe it could be His message for you. 

Unfortunately, we are going through challenging times. We all need a lift from time to time.  The sad part is that many people have complex problems, which they carry with them throughout this time, compounding their stress.  My friends, we have to trust Him.  As God said to Joshua, “Be strong and of good courage, be not frightened, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9 (RSV)  My prayer is that this small poem will encourage you and help light your way.  It is simply entitled “For Times Like These.”

I looked at the mountain It seemed so dark and dim.  Its obstacles were many They blurred my vision from within Then I thought of my Redeemer His agony and pain His love and many mercies His suffering and shame Then silently His hand it grabbed me His voice whispered soft and low “Take hold I will walk with you My child I will not let you go Trust me with your journey Let my word and Spirit lead I am your blessed Saviour And for times like these I died!” Remember, “He gives power to the tired and worn out and strength to the weak”  Isaiah 40:29 (TLB)   God bless you and may we rest in His peace – Pastor Ralph

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1 Comment

Mar 25, 2020

A man of many talents - Pastor, husband, father, grandfather, friend and now poet! Very well written and inspiring to read! Thank you!

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