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Buffalo Bills Wisdom

I root for sports teams for more than the win/loss record. To me, the nature of the franchise  and the philosophy of the organization are big factors. I support the Buffalo Bills because they are a small market franchise in an economically challenged area. It is like a David and Goliath situation for the Bills. I am naturally drawn to underdogs. Secondly, I support the Bills because of the philosophy of the organization. Not only have they produced such high quality individuals as Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reid, Eric Wood, etc., but continue to pursue players of talent and character. However, it is their present situation that is the most interesting to me.

Coach Sean McDermott has done a wonderful job molding a bunch of individuals into a team.  Sean is a Christian and you can see some of his faith making an impact in the daily life of the Bills.  Every team meeting is closed and includes a time of sharing by a player who talks about their background, struggles they have had and overcome and their desire to see the team be fruitful.  Listen to what a Sports Illustrated article said...

Since the spring, McDermott has had 40 to 50 of these unorthodox sessions. Veteran players and young players alike say that they’ve never experienced anything like it in football. “I really think it is the bedrock of this team,” says veteran guard Richie Incognito. “One of the first things McDermott said when he first got here was, ‘We’re going to build this thing on love.’ When you talk about football, love isn’t a word we use, so when he said that he caught me off guard. And then we started doing this, and it all started making sense.”

The Bills remind me of what is going on in light of the covid-19 pandemic. People in our church, people in our community, people in many families are connecting in new and meaningful ways by sharing their “stories", despite physical distancing.  Phone calls, emails, texts, social media platforms are providing avenues where folks are discovering new friendships, renewing old ones and expanding their knowledge of one another.  They are taking the time to “actively listen.” (James 1:19 Amp)  As Max Lucado says, “Help me to understand who you are.”  Taking the time to do that can, and will, change our world. 

People are reaching out as “servants.” (Philippians 2:6-11 NIV) That is what McDermott is establishing in Buffalo – players who are committed to the “big picture”, who play for the good of each other and who sacrifice so the team can do well. I am seeing that happen in so many ways in our congregation. You folks are really stepping up! Buffalo Bills Wisdom and wise choices for actively growing people and players. God is using this unfortunate time to build loving character amongst us, His people.  Keep up the good work! (Ephesians 2:8-9 NIV)

Till tomorrow “Go Bills GO!” Keep safe and keep in the love of Jesus – Pastor Ralph

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