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Advent: Day 4

“He came to that which is his own, but his own did not receive him.” John 1:11 (NIV)

Sometimes we expect people to behave in certain ways but they disappoint us and don’t. The people in Jesus day had the message of God’s word (the Old Testament), the message of the prophets, the message of the covenants, the message of the sacrificial system and the prophecies they were waiting for to be fulfilled. God had been preparing them for centuries, but some still didn’t heed or get His word. Some did and some were on their way. For that, we rejoice. God, in love, never stops knocking, hoping that we will open the door as his creation. The Christmas message is a beautiful and relevant message. Our prayer today is that people will still look and listen to the message of the first Christmas.

Prayer: Lord we ask that we would be open vessels of your message this day. We thank you for revealing truth to us and empowering us to receive and understand it. Help us to help others understand and apply your message of Christmas not as a commercial enterprise but as the hope of all nations. Give us your peace as we go forward with the Good News of Jesus this Christmas Season – In His name - Amen

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